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4 June 2019

Perfect grilled sausage? It’s very simple!

Barbecuing is our national hobby. Everybody takes part in at least one barbecue during the long weekend in May, and the reports say that Poles really like grilling outside.

We prefer to spend summer weekends and evenings in the fresh air grillin’ and chillin’ rather than preparing food at home, and the most popular product on our grates is a sausage. Although its preparation seems quite simple, the way to a delicious dinner is full of obstacles.

Before we start play with fire, we should do some shopping. The best sausage for grilling is the fatty one. Any dry sausage won’t do on the grill. Pay attention to a list of ingredients, as the taste is always affected by the quality.

Should I make cuts on a sausage before grilling?

The question is: “To cut, or not to cut?” It may be surprising, but there is no one correct answer to this question. All depends on your liking. If you cut it, the fat will come out and the sausage will not be so juicy. However, it will be easier to eat. If you like your sausage more juicy, you can grill it without cutting, but you must remember that it may split.

Other way of grilling

One sausage, numerous possibilities If you would like to get a little fancy, try putting white sausage or frankfurters on a grate. Black pudding is also a product which appears there more and more often. That’s not all. Try to wrap the sausage or frankfurters with bacon or thinly sliced zucchini. Let your imagination work and put some cheese into the cuts in your sausage, and wrap it with bacon then.

People say that we shouldn’t add more spices to sausages. Nonsense! Try to rub it with garlic, marjoram or barbecue seasoning. The brave ones use syringe to fill sausages with beer of apple juice. This way they become more juicy and aromatic. Yet, if you do that, do not make any cuts!

Let us share another interesting method with you. Take a sausage, onion, slices of pickled cucumber, butter and spices, and wrap it all in aluminum foil. Put it on the grate.

Regardless of the chosen form, you should remember one thing: every dish must be grilled on aluminum tray, not directly on a grate.

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