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Jak przyrządzić chude mięso

20 November 2019

How to Prepare Lean Meat and Not to Deprive It of Dietary Properties?

In the era of being fit and worshipping athletic bodies, more and more people are reaching for low-calorie products. Does it mean that you should give up meat? No! Actually many kinds can be considered fit. We will tell you which pieces you should choose if you are on a reduction diet and how to prepare dietetic dishes out of them.

To be considered lean, meat has to contain less than 10 g of fat per 100 g of a product, with no more than 4.5 g of saturated fat and 95 mg of cholesterol. Very lean meat contains less than 5 g of fat with 2 g of saturated fats and 95 mg of cholesterol. It does not mean that it delivers no nutrients. It is full of B vitamins positively affecting metabolism, magnesium necessary for bone formation, and zinc which greatly supports your immune system.

‘Lean’ meat? What does it mean?

Ok, let’s get to the point: what kinds of meat are considered lean? Breasts and skinless chicken or turkey legs, pork loin and pork tenderloin, beef sirloin and roast beef, veal, guinea fowl meat and rabbit meat. How to prepare them so that they still are still dietetic?

1. Remove skin and fat
Although fat carries the taste and for many this baked, crunchy skin is a best part of a leg, people on a diet should give them up. However, worry not! It can be replaced by, e.g. crushed nuts, oatmeal or dried tomato sprinkles.

Jak przyrządzić chude mięso

2. Avoid frying
If your goal is to lose some weight, do not put lean meat into fat. There are other ways of heat treatment that perfectly fit here. What ways? Baking, grilling, braising, steaming or cooking make meat juicy and tasty. Yet, if you fry it in a small amount of fat, remember that after frying you should take it from the pan and put it on the plate lined with kitchen towel in order to get rid of fat excess..

3. Avoid fatty sides
Salad with lean meat? Mayo dressing can destroy all its dietary properties. Instead of caloric dressing, use olive with honey and lemon, or add something like nuts or fruits.

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